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Challenges for Use of Glyphosate Alternatives in Urban Landscapes

Glyphosate has been a primary tool for controlling weeds in urban landscapes due to the systemic control it provides on a broad spectrum of weeds.  UF/IFAS Photo: Tyler Jones. Dr. Ramon Leon, Extension Weed Specialist, West Florida REC, Jay Last year the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) …

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Herbicide Alternatives for Prickly Pear and Dogfennel without Cleanwave

Traditionally, the most common herbicide program for prickly pear control has been Remedy plus diesel fuel or basal oil. However, this program is costly since high rates are needed (20% solution) and grass injury around the cactus plant is very high. A better alternative would be fluroxypyr, the active ingredient in Vista herbicide. Photo Credit: …

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Disposing Of Grass Clippings Can Be A Pain But Alternatives Exist

As if mowing the lawn wasn’t trouble enough, dealing with and disposing of grass clippings is a major pain. Clumps of grass clippings left on the lawn are unsightly and cause the grass beneath them to turn yellow due to a lack of sunlight as well as oxygen. That problem is somewhat eliminated if you …

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