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Water conservation crucial under current drought conditions in Florida

The Florida Panhandle received much needed rain this week, helping to alleviate dry conditions in many areas of the region. However, drought conditions persist in the rest of Florida. According to the US Drought Monitor drought conditions range from moderate in north central Florida to dire in the south-central portion of the state. Precipitation is …

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Beware of the Upcoming Heat – Drought Stress in Vegetables

As the season begins to heat up you may start noticing blossom-end rot (BER), especially in tomatoes. BER can be a serious drag on total yield with up to 30% total loss. It happens every year, usually the second week of May, but this year it looks like it may be next week. We are …

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Heavy Rains in April brought Drought Relief but also Planting Delays

If the old adage of “April Showers Bring May Flowers” is true, parts of the Panhandle should be a blooming mess very soon. The National Weather Service provides estimates of rainfall.  The map above shows that there were some pockets in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Washington and Jackson Counties that received 10-15″ in April.  In contrast, …

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Winter Storm “Rocky” brings Drought Relief

Winter Storm “Rocky” brought drought relief with 10-14 inches or rain falling across the Panhandle. UF/IFAS FAWN Station summaries for 2013. High Rainfall Reduces Drought in the Panhandle The Weather Channel started naming winter storms this season to raise public awareness and to help track storms as they move across the country. Winter Storms “Q” and especially “Rocky” …

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Seasonal Drought Outlook 1-17-13

Drought conditions are expected to continue over the next three months in the Southeast. Provided by:  Clyde Fraisse, Agricultural & Biological Engineering cfraisse@ufl.edu 90-day Outlook Summary A seasonal forecast is the best available prediction of what our climate will be like in the next few months. It is different from a weather forecast in that individual …

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Drought Continues in Jackson County

Data collected from UF/IFAS Marianna FAWN Station The chart above is a monthly weather summary from the UF/IFAS FAWN weather station located at the North Florida Research and Education Center. May 2012 was hot and dry, and added to the precipitation deficits of the past three years. The rain shortfall since January 2010 has increased …

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Drought Forecast April 5-June 30, 2012

The National Weather Service forecast there are enhanced chances for above-normal precipitation across the interior Southeast through the rest of April, and either no discernible tilt of the odds or a slight favoring of drier than normal weather through the rest of the forecast period. Given the protracted dryness affecting this region, but also considering …

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Drought Forecast Suggests Early Peanut Planting this Year

Certainly the rain that fell late this winter has helped replenish the ground water and has refilled ponds that have been dry or nearly dry for some time.  For the first time in months, the Florida Panhandle has moved out of the severe drought category on the drought monitor. Although this is very encouring, the …

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