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Florida Deciduous Fruit and Nut Crop Acreage Estimates by County

A dramatic 225% gain was recorded for blueberry acreace in Florida from 3,292 in 2002 to 7,377 in 2012. Photo credit: Doug Mayo USDA Acreage Estimates of Deciduous Fruit and Nut Crops in Florida for 2002 and 2012 Peter C. Andersen and Kevin R. Athearn Every 10 years USDA conducts a survey by county of …

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Plant Deciduous Magnolias for their Spectacular Spring Flowers

Magnolia flowering has been exceptionally good this year. Mild temperatures have coaxed “Japanese” magnolias into bloom as much as 4 weeks early. Fortunately the absence of hard freezes (so far) has allowed us to fully enjoy magnolias’ beautiful flowering.   Most years we are not so lucky. Flowers are often damaged by late winter or …

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