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June Cattle & Forage Management Reminders

June Cattle & Forage Management Reminders

UF/IFAS Beef Cattle & Forage Specialists, and County Extension Agents serving the Florida Panhandle worked to develop a basic management calendar for cattle producers.  The purpose of this calendar is to provide reminders for management techniques with similar timing to those used at the North Florida Research and Education Center’s Beef Research Unit, Marianna, Florida.   At the end of each month, Panhandle Ag e-News will share management reminders for the upcoming month. Links to useful publications with more information are also provided.

4 wheeler sprayerJune Management Reminders

Cattle Herd Management

  • Monitor horn fly population and use dust bags or spray as needed

  • Check mineral feeders

Pasture Management

  • Remove cattle from bahiagrass fields to be used for seed harvest in mid to late June

  • Begin grazing summer annuals when forage canopy is at least 20 inches tall and remove cattle after being grazed to 10 inch stubble height

    • Use limit grazing for 2-3 hours to acclimate cattle and stretch grazing days

 Pest Management


Use the following link to download the entire Cattle & Forage Management Annual Calendar:

Panhandle Ag Team Cattle & Forage Management Calendar


Developed by the Panhandle Agriculture Extension Livestock and Forage Team:

Doug Mayo, Cliff Lamb, Mark Mauldin, Ann Blount, Cheryl Mackowiak, Jose Dubeux, Jay Ferrell, Jennifer Bearden, NicolasDiLorenzo, Shep Eubanks, Jed Dillard, Mike Goodchild, Roy Carter, Henry Carter, John Atkins, and Kalyn Waters


Author: Doug Mayo – demayo@ufl.edu

Lead Editor for Panhandle Ag e-news – Jackson County Extension Director – Livestock & Forages Agent. My true expertise is with beef cattle and pasture management, but I can assist with information on other livestock species, as well as recreational fish ponds.

Doug Mayo

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