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Panhandle Outdoors 2012

University of Florida/ IFAS Extension faculty are planning and leading this series of field trips for Panhandle residents to explore and learn about the Panhandle’s signature aquatic resources and the plant and animal communities they support. All are special places, most are protected, many are unique in the Southeast US, and some have global significance. The Florida Panhandle boasts a diversity of landscape features resulting from uncommon combinations of underlying rock, elevation, groundwater and surface waters. This diversity of water-dominated landscape features has allowed hotspots of high biodiversity to evolve and flourish here. Come see and learn about the role of water in creating our ecological outdoor wonderland that IS the true Florida Panhandle… outdoors and LIVE!

Remaining tours for 2012

  • Wed 22 AUG — Ochlockonee Brackish River Swamps and Marshes   
  • Thurs 20 SEPT — St Andrews Beaches, Dunes and Bay
  • Thurs 11 OCT — Tate’s Hell Wet Savannas and Swamps
  • Wed 14 NOV — Torreya Bluffs, Streams and Floodplain Forests
To download a flyer for this event with more information, click here !



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