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Washington County Cool Season Forage Demonstration – Open 3/24/17

You are invited to come view the 2016-2017 Washington County Cool Season Forage Demonstration. The demo includes 21 forage grass varieties (Oats, Wheat, Rye, Triticale, and Ryegrass). The goal of the demo is to allow producers to observe the differences in the performance of the varieties. All of the varieties were planted side-by-side, on the …

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Pasture Classes – 2nd Tuesdays, June – September

Making the grass grow is not as simple or easy as many of us would like it to be. Even so, it is essential to successful livestock operations. Anyone who has grazing livestock needs to understand the fundamental principles of forage production. Whether you are providing forage for one horse or 1000 cows the fundamental …

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Beef Cattle Winter Feeding Considerations – Seminar 12/3

The winter feeding season for the beef cow herd is all but here. Hopefully well before now you developed and implemented a plan for meeting your herd’s nutritional needs through the winter. At this point your options are fairly set. Hay should already be in the barn, either bought or baled on the farm. …

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