Tree Farm Tour 4/5/16

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Zika, A Virus Spread by Container Mosquitoes

The invasive mosquitoes Aedes aegypti (left) and Aedes albopictus (right) occur in the Americas, including Florida, and have been implicated in the transmission of Zika virus.

Credit: J Newman, UF/IFAS/FMEL

Image and caption from Zika a Mosquito-Transmitted Virus by; L. P. Lounibos, B. W. Alto, N. D. Burkett-Cadena, C. C. Lord, C. T. Smartt, C. R. Connelly, and J. R. Rey2














Although the Zika virus is circulating in Central and South America and the Caribbean, currently, there is no evidence that local populations of Florida mosquitoes are infected. However, we need to be prepared and vigilant in case local transmission occurs, said Jorge …

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Beef Cattle Winter Feeding Considerations – Seminar 12/3

The winter feeding season for the beef cow herd is all but here. Hopefully well before now you developed and implemented a plan for meeting your herd’s nutritional needs through the winter. At this point your options are fairly set. Hay should already be in the barn, either bought or baled on the farm. …

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Wildlife Food Plots – Considerations for Success and Workshop on 10/8

Food Plot 15 Flyer

Improving habitat can benefit the quantity and quality of wildlife on a piece of property. One common method for improving habitat is the establishment of food plots. Food plots are simply areas that are managed for the production of forages that help meet the nutritional requirements of the desired wildlife species.

The implementation of …

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FWC Gopher Tortoise Workshop in Chipley August 11

The gopher tortoise is one of Florida's threatened species.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is holding regional workshops to present information on opportunities for local governments to help conserve gopher tortoises in Florida.

The goal of these workshops is to identify ways cities and counties can participate in protecting one of Florida’s threatened species. In addition, the FWC will discuss financial …

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Panhandle Springs Tour 8/26/15

springs tour flyer

Please join the Panhandle Outdoors LIVE! crew for a fun and informative tour of some of our local springs. In addition to enjoying the scenic beauty of these springs we will learn about their history, how they are currently being managed, and what challenges they are facing now and in the future. Tour and registration …

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Principles of Pasture Productivity – A Three Part Series

PPP flyer

Cattle and horse operations, large and small, depend on the successful production of forage to help meet the nutritional demands of their animals. Making the grass grow is not as simple or easy as many of us would like it to be. In an effort to help livestock producers improve the productivity of …

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Florida Bull Test Nomination Deadline July, 15


Nomination deadline for consignors wishing to consign bulls to the Florida Bull Test is June 15, 2015. The Florida Bull test is hosted at the University of Florida North Florida research and Education Center (NFREC) in Marianna, FL.

For the 16th year, the North Florida Research and Education Center (NFREC) will be hosting the Florida …

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Ag Saves Series Begins March 24

On February 23, 2015, 93 folks in the Agriculture Industry assembled to kick-off a new initiative, AgSave$, to bring personal finance education such as estate planning, succession planning, and protecting assets to farmers, ranchers and agriculture producers in Florida. The AgSave$ program is a cooperation between Agriculture and Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty in the …

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It’s Not Too Late to Reallocate Base Acres and Update Yields


Article by Rodney Clouser and John Vansickle

On Friday, February 27th, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced a one-time extension by USDA for landowners to reallocate base acres and update payment yields for 2014 Farm Bill covered commodities, which for the first time excludes cotton. The new final update deadline has been extended …

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