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Army Worm Product

Crompton Corporation, a division of Uniroyal Chemical, now has a pasture label for Dimilin 2L.  Dimilin is an insect growth regulator that can be applied for control for forage feeding caterpillars, such as fall armyworms.  Dimilin 2L should be applied at a rate of 2 ounces per acre and is sold in one gallon containers.  For maximum control, it should be applied before the worms are 1/2 inch in length.

Dimilin will cost approximately $3.20 per acre, making a Dimilin treatment less expensive than Sevin or Lannate for armyworm control.  Dimilin also provides longer residual control than either Lannate or Sevin.  There are some other advantages such as: beneficial insect-friendly, different mode of action from Lannate and Sevin9less chance of resistance), safer for the grower to use, and a shorter post harvest interval.  The disadvantages of Dimilin are: worms will not be killed instantly because they most go through a moly, requires a restricted use applicator license to purchase and apply, and unlike Sevin will not provide any suppression of adult two-lined spittlebigs.

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